Who is Vizzie?

Our philosophy is based on bringing together high-quality visualizations, professional workflow, and open communication.

Denis Dmitriev

Denis is the business management guru in our team. He has spent more than 10 years working in sales, creating and developing startups, and propelling them into international markets. In Vizzie, our team members describe Denis as ambitious, precise, and demanding – both of the team and of himself.

Vizzie is all about blending high-end designs and effective business approaches.

Oleksandra Guliaeva
Art Director

On our team, Oleksandra is certainly the person with the most passion and eye for design. After obtaining her degree in architecture, she spent 12 years working in interior design, becoming a true expert in the field.

Her amazing design skills, taste, and talent can be seen in visualizations developed by her studio Guliaeva Interiors.

We will help you uncover and showcase every emotion and feeling your concept is capable of evoking.

Every member of our team brings to the table their wealth of experience in architecture, design and business.

Working with us, you will be part of the process that involves creating high-quality visualizations, organizing professional workflows, and having open communications with clients.

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